Jennifer Marchand Provides a Strong Sturdy Base for Success as a Dressage Rider and Coach

Jennifer Marchand riding Tokyo, 13 yr old, showing Intermediare II, owned by Renee Isler Photo:
Jennifer Marchand riding Tokyo, 13 yr old, showing Intermediare II, owned by Renee Isler Photo:

Jennifer Marchand provides solid leadership built from a strong sturdy base for success as a dressage rider and coach. Working up the ranks, Marchand kept the wheels running smoothly as assistant trainer to Courtney King-Dye from 2007-2012. Growing up in Sarasota, Florida, Marchand decided the best strategy was to travel to New York and train with Lendon Gray as a working student. She worked for Lendon from 2005-2007. Exceeding expectations, an opportunity opened to work for Courtney King-Dye. Marchand helped Courtney reach the top dressage goal in the world, representing her country to ride in the Olympics. Marchand carried out all the aspects of the business from riding and training horses daily, to coaching students, to keeping up with the daily care of the stables. Marchand, age 32, said, “It was a great experience to be working for and with Courtney during the year leading up to the 2008 Olympics, where she made the team with Mythilus. I did not go with her to the Olympics, but kept her business and other horses going while she was training and competing with the team. It was a great learning experience for me and very exciting to be a part of Courtney's support team.”

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Jennifer has ridden many horses through the FEI levels, as well as taken horses to compete in the Region 8 championships. Marchand’s summer home, located in Millbrook, NY, and the winter home, she resides in Loxahatchee, FL. She competed Don Principe in the 2010 National Small Tour Dressage Championship. This year she competed a 13 year old Dutch horse named Today in his first Grand Prix.

Marchand has a firm establishment in all aspects of dressage. She has started young horses under saddle, brought green horses up the levels, a strong foundation in instruction of students that want to train and/or compete in the dressage arena, and retrained some older horses with problems.

She is currently competing a 9 year old horse named Don Romeo at the Intermediare 1 level. She said, “It has been very rewarding to have the opportunity to bring him up through the levels over the years. I have had Romeo since he was 4. He has been consistently in the high 60's-70+ at the Prix St Georges and high 60's at the Intermediare 1 levels.”

Summer Home:

Bel Aire Farm, located at 16 Bel Aire Farm Rd, Millbrook, NY 12545, a beautiful facility, over 500 acres, with great trails for hacking out, an outdoor jump arena and an outdoor dressage ring. There are very nice turnouts and a gorgeous indoor. From mid-May through the end of October Marchand works from her northern home.

Winter Home:

The Animal Rehab Institute, located at 2457 C Rd, Loxahatchee, FL 33470, a lovely Florida property, 11 acres, 8 turnouts with grass (a big deal for Florida), a standard size outdoor dressage arena with mirrors and room to hack around the property. There is also a field to ride in and a hill for hill work.

Renee Isler, long-time student shared, "I started working with Jennifer about 3 years ago when she worked for Courtney whom I sponsored. Jennifer helped me with both my horses lightning (18 yr Hanoverian Gelding through Intermediare 1) and Tokyo (13 yr KWPN, through Prix St George, Intemediare 1 and Intermediare 2). 

This year she helped me achieved a 5th place in the Intermediarre 1 Amateur (AA) Championships with Lightning and she received a 5th on Tokyo in the Intermediare 2 Open Championships. This is Tokyo's first year showing Intermediarre 2 against some pretty stiff competition, and most of the horses are Grand Prix horses.

Jennifer is a hard worker and so kind to the horses. Her lightness of the aids, patience, and dedication make her one of the best people I have worked with. 

I have owned Tokyo since he was imported from Holland in 2006. Jennifer has helpped me with the training and both of us are very successful in the ring. We are planning for the Grand Prix this year, and I'm going to ride the Intermediare 2 for the first time."

Wendy Luscombe, one of Jennifer’s students shared, "I have known Jenn Marchand for about 10 years. I first met her when she was assistant trainer for Courtney King.  In the last several years, Jenn started her own business and has been helping me with my five horses at her summer base at Bel Aire Farm in Millbrook. Jenn is top rate as a trainer, she is happy to work with alternate breeds such as Fjords and Andalusians and adapts her training methods to suit the horse. The Fjords love her and absolutely want to do their best for her. Given her background with Courtney and Lendon Gray, I am not surprised at her ability to work with all types of horses at all levels from the very start to Grand Prix.

As a professional, again, Jenn is top rate. She knows how to value all her clients individually and makes every client feel special. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a trainer and rider." 

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