Jeffery Welles and Zycarla Z Capture $12,000 UBS Financial Services Welcome Stake

Hampton Falls, NH - September 15, 2011 - The Fidelity Investments® Jumper Classic®, presented by Porsche, hosted the the country's best riders in today's $12,000 UBS Financial Services Welcome Stake. Jeffery Welles of Brewster, NY, won the $12,000 UBS Financial Services Welcome Stake with Zycarla Z, owned by Abigail Wexner.  To watch a video of Jeffery Welles explaining his jump-off ride and more, please visit

Located in the beautiful town of Hampton Falls, NH, The Jumper Classic is New England's premier equestrian event. This elite level competition attracts the country's top riders, past Olympians and local equestrians who compete for over $200,000 in prize money. The Jumper Classic runs through Sunday, September 18, with the highlight class, the $75,000 Fidelity Investments® Grand Prix, on Sunday.

Course designer Anthony D'Ambrosio of Red Hook, NY, is designing the tracks in the Coldwell Bankers Previews Grand Prix Field this week. Today's Welcome Stake had 32 entries, and three were able to find the path to a clear round. The format of the class offered riders the opportunity to complete their jump-off immediately after their first round.

The first to go clear and complete their jump-off was Christine McCrea on Avenir, owned by Windsor Show Stables and Candy Tribble. They were quick across the middle of the ring and left all of the jumps up. They stopped the timers in 45.144 seconds, which would leave them in second place at the end of the day.

Immediately following McCrea, Kent Farrington and Calvin Van Het Wuitenshof, owned by WH Ventures, were clear. However, in the jump-off they had eight faults in a time of 44.391 seconds for third place.

Welles and Zycarla Z, an 11-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare by Zandor Z, were the next to contest the jump-off. Welles took out a stride between the second and third jumps, then kept a quick pace. They crossed the finish line with no faults in 44.391 seconds for the win.  "I think I was faster from one, two, to three," Welles said. "I left out a stride and did four strides to the plank. It was on flat cups and I took a little risk there, but she's good out of the gallop. I really caught a good one up the hill at the Lufthansa jump. I took some time rolling back to the oxer up the hill. The last line I just tried to hold her together and help her as much as I could."

Welles has been riding Zycarla Z since she was six years old, and when she was eight, they won the 7/8 Year Old Young Jumper Championship Final at the Hampton Classic Horse Show. They competed at The Jumper Classic two years ago, where Zycarla Z showed in the grand prix. Zycarla Z and Welles won yesterday's 1.40m Jumper class.

Welles described of the mare, "She's always won a lot of classes. She has the scope, but sometimes she gets overly careful. In general that's a good thing, but she gets a little too lofty. But she's always been a winner. She's very brave about the water (too)."  He added with a smile, "She's not mareish at all; she's very sweet. Every groom that looks after her falls in love with her. She's always trying. She's been really good here."

In the opening class this morning, Kent Farrington and Dynamo sped to the win by over two seconds in the $3,500 1.40m Jumpers. They were double clear in 36.743 seconds. Schuyler Riley rode Lapacco to second place n 38.938 seconds, while Katie Dinan and Nougat Du Vallet were third in 40.716 seconds.

In the $2,000 1.30m Jumpers, Amanda Derbyshire rode Ajee B for David Gochman to victory with a jump-off time of 37.376 seconds. Peter Leone and Nerval de la Batia were second in 37.672 seconds. Jonathan McCrea and Aristoteles V were third with a time of 41.664 seconds.

The Children's/Adult Jumper competitors took to the Coldwell Bankers Previews Grand Prix Field for the first time, and it was McKayla Langmeier piloting Saks to the only double clear performance for the win. Jeanine Cash and Turbo were the fastest four faulters in 38.064 seconds. Tati Singer and Zia were third in 42.475 seconds with four faults.

Katie Dinan scored her second win of the day, this time in the $1,500 High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers with Sandro. They were the fastest of two double clears in the class and their time of 44.270 seconds garnered the win. Karina Aziz and Courdia de Laubry were just behind in second place in 44.446 seconds. Jean Sheptoff and Ami Des Gemmes were third with four faults in 43.969 seconds.

There was a full day of classes as well in the GGT Footing Ring Two. The $500 Masters Jumpers, sponsored by the Holistic Animal Healing Clinic, was the first class of the day. Dennis Sisco piloted his horses Clapton and Pangloss to first and second places. Jeff Papows and Eurostar finished third.

Other winners of the day in the GGT Footing Ring Two include:
1.10m Jumpers - Finnian, Lisa Rex, Christine Walsh1.15m Jumpers - Tzigane De Muze, Stacey Mahoney, Brookside Enterprises$750 1.20 Jumpers - Franciscus VD Lentamel, Beezie Madden, G&W Equine Partners

For more information, please visit The Fidelity Investments® Jumper Classic® website at or visit The Jumper Classic on Facebook!

Final Results: $12,000 UBS Financial Services Welcome Stake
1 287 Zycarla Z, Jeffery Welles, Abigail Wexner: 0/0/44.391
2 182 Avenir, Christine Mc Crea, Windsor Show Stables and Candy Tribble: 0/0/45.144
3 50 Calvin Van Het Wuitenshof, Kent Farrington, WH Ventures: 0/8/49.942
4 268 Madison, Alexa Pessoa, Alexa Pessoa: 1/84.401
5 147 Flaming Star, Charles Jacobs, CMJ Sporthorse LLC: 4/80.513
6 357 Quipit L.F., Ragan Roberts, Quipit Group: 4/80.662
7 353 Oh' D Eole, McLain Ward, McLain Ward: 4/80.747
8 135 Indiana 127, Peter Lutz, Davenport Incorporated: 4/81.122

Final Results: $3,500 1.40m Jumpers
1 54 Dynamo, Kent Farrington: 0/0/36.743
2 219 Lapacco, Schuyler Riley: 0/0/38.938
3 196 Nougat Du Vallet, Katie Dinan: 0/0/40.716
4 197 Amoroso, McLain Ward: 0/0/40.746
5 183 Wannick WH, Christine McCrea: 0/0/41.607
6 218 Quinlan, Schuyler Riley: 0/0/42.340
7 43 Perfect de Coquerie, Victor Amaya: 0/4/38.337
8 185 Tommy Bahama, Jonathan Mc Crea: 0/4/49.304

Final Results: $2,000 1.30m Jumpers
1 232 Ajee B, Amanda Derbyshire: 0/0/37.376
2 87 Nerval de la Batia, Peter Leone: 0/0/37.672
3 181 Aristoteles V, Jonathon McCrea: 0/0/41.664
4 86 Up Chiqui, Kent Farrington: 0/0/44.997
5 245 Crossfire 10, Frederico Sztyrle: 0/0/45.683
6 400 Chellando Z, Jennifer Griffith: 0/4/34.503
7 44 Prince du Bonneville, Victor Amaya: 0/4/38.438
8 136 Dont Stop 0, Mary Manfredi: 0/4/41.603

Final Results: $500 Children's/Adult Jumpers
1 387 Saks, McKayla Langmeier: 0/0/39.167
2 85 Turbo, Jeanine Cash: 0/4/38.064
3 421 Zia, Tati Singer: 0/4/42.475
4 263 Nerazzurro, Nina Montross: 0/8/39.506
5 262 Voigtsdorfs Ohio, Nina Montross: 0/8/45.166
6 139 Irie, Elizabeth Maloney: 2/77.099
7 395 Marshal Cody, Julie Lake:3/78.258
8 265 Charlotte Des Bruyeres, Gillian Kelley:4/69.779

Final Results: $1,500 High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers
1 321 Sandro, Katie Dinan: 0/0/44.270
2 153 Courdia de Laubry, Karina Aziz: 0/0/44.446
3 70 Ami Des Gemmes, Jean Sheptoff: 0/4/43.969
4 360 Gretna 2, Mariana Savage: 4/78.325
5 124 Kleen Slate, Brittni Raflowitz: 4/79.360
6 195 Belle Dame D, Katie Dinan: 4/79.489
7 63 Holly Golightly, Danielle Goldstein: 4/81.759
8 418 Cipriani Z, Alexandra Duval: 4/82.992

The Fidelity Investments® Jumper Classic® presented by Porsche, now in its 22nd year, annually attracts some of the nation's most elite equestrian athletes as well as international competitors. The show offers five days of competition and culminates in the premier event, the $75,000 Fidelity Investments Grand Prix, held on one of the top grass grand prix fields on the east coast. For more information on the Fidelity Investments Jumper Classic presented by Porsche, please visit

Photos: Jeffery Welles and Zycarla Z won the $12,000 UBS Financial Services Welcome Stake Photo Credit: Flashpoint Photography; Jeffery Welles and Zycarla Z in their awards presentation with Todd Ingwerson of UBS Financial Services  Photo Credit: Flashpoint Photography.