Jane's Journal - Arrival in Germany

Jane Hannigan continues to write sharing her experiences competing for the USA for the first time at the 2008 World Cup Final

So here is the scoop from Europe. The flight was great, best takeoff and landing ever. Idocus and mak drank well during the flight. The unfortunate part of flying is after. You have to wait for the vet to check the horses paperwork and customs to go through the equipment and luggage after we landed. Baggage claim for horse luggage takes forever.

We landed at 10 am and got checked through at 12.30, loaded the horses in the van then sat for the next 3 hours waiting for the equipment. Our hay was taken in quarantine and European shippers don't ship with hay so the boys had nothing to do,and lost interest in drinking.

Then our equipment was released, we loaded it as fast as possible, and got under way by 4.15. Trucks have to stay at a speed under 80km an hour (50? Mph) and we got stuck in traffic, the hours just kept going by. At about 8 p.m. we got to Klaus Balkenhols stable, the boys needed water and food. They both were extra tired and mak was shaking from cold and exhaustion, we called out the vet. He arrived at 10.30pm and rehydrated the horses with fluids.

It was a long night checking temps as you should every 2 hours after travel, and Mak being frozen. Mak stopped shaking after he had 5 blankets on, and regained his appetite. Thank goodness, Courtney's groom, Ariel Matise, did the 5.30am check and I slept a bit. Thursday was spent handwalking, grooming, and loving the horses. Idocus was proud looking at himself in the mirror in the indoor, and Mak was happy to eat real grass again. (horses don't like the grass in Florida, it tastes like plastic grass)

Friday I rode Mak lightly, he was fresh as it is quite cold, it even snowed a bit, quite a transition from relaxing, warm Florida. Judith and Klaus Balkenhol have been very welcoming, I want to thank them for staying up late and feeding us when we got in. It helps I was here 2 years ago while on the USEF developing list, I remembered where things were, and am more relaxed from my time here before. We ship to the World Cup Tuesday, I hope with George Williams and Rocher also to do the open CDI. George is so nice, and it would be great to have him there where we could cheer each other on.

Smiles - Jane

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