Jane Mac Alree of Hilltop Farm Winner of USAEq Ellen Scripps Davis Memorial Breeder's Award

It is a common fact that without great breeders of our competition horses - we would be out of luck. Thankfully for us, there are those people who lovingly and carefully apply their "eye" to breeding the best. Thankfully for the industry, USA Equestrian has it prestigeous Ellen Scripps Davis Memorial Breeder's Award, to recognize the accomplishments of America's top breeders.

After seeing her first warmblood in action in the dressage ring, longtime horsewoman Jane Mac Alree was "hooked". As a breeder of some of the country's most impressive sport horses, Jane MacAlree has set a standard hard to live up to - but she continues to raise the bar - even on herself. Her horses and renowned Hilltop Farm in Maryland have made an indelible difference on the landscape of equestrian sport. Taking pride in her work and her horses is a labor of love for her. It is no wonder that she has found herself at the top of her field.

The Ellen Scripps Davis Memorial Breeder's Award was presented to Jane MacAlree of Hilltop Farm together with Arabian Breeder, Sheila Varian. White the success of Hilltop's program begins with Jane's support, in her acceptance speech she was adamant that the credit go to her dedicated, talented and hard working staff, headed up by Scott and Susanne Hassler.

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