Jane Hannigan and Maksymilian made it to the World Cup to earn their USA Patch and flag on their saddle pad. Jane has been e-mailing her experiences from Europe.

We made it to the venue. Wednesday was our first ride in the main arena. Here I met Mak's (Maksymilian) breeder for the first time Henk Hoogward from Dussen. I have been in email contact with his son Martin for a while. Mak was born 30 minutes away from 'S-Hertogenbosch where the Brabant Hallen is. This is the biggest show I have ever been too, I hope later today to make a video to put on youtube because you would not be live me if I described it only.

The walk from the warm up to the ten minute holding area to then the main arena has coffee shops, vendors, beautiful restaurants, and around 10000 people watching. I hope the video tour works, its amazing!

Thursday was show time! We trained in the main arena at ten am. There were no training times so I rode with everyone, Kyra, Anky, and Isabel included. It is fantastic to be in the same arena with the rock stars of dressage and see they are riders and trainers that need to school things as well. They are human and horses are horses, everyone has to train.

Thursday night I was to go second after Louise Nathorst who I had met when I worked for Pricilla Endicott when I was 20, I am now 37. Pricilla started NEDA and had Louise over as her guest and trainer, and now I got to ride in the World Cup right after her. How great is my life?

Mak spent the day getting ready with Sal his massage therapist, then Dr. Cricket DiScala, the team vet, did some reike work on Mak, I braided him and my Mom Sibley groomed him until he glistened. I warm up for 20 min before I show, on at 6.50. Mak felt great, my coat had my USA patch on it, and I was ready. We went proudly in and I have to tell you I am very glad for my mental training because I go blind and deaf when I show.

The centerline at the World Cup felt like normal, and Mak's first extension from what my team told me made people gasp. All was going well until the canter pirouettes, Mak tried to over collect and spun around, I got a 3 on a double coefficient, not good.

Otherwise I was very happy with Mak and proud to represent our country.

Friday was a day off schooling in the main arena was only until 9.30am , so I had to get up after getting to bed at 2am. Mak was good and I watched the other riders school while I walked Mak.

Can I just say these riders are an inspiration. Isabel, right before she goes in, rides on a long rein posting the trot right around the judges box. She schools on a long rein as well, the control was amazing.

More from Jane's World Cup experience coming soon. Astrid tells us Mak was the talk of the World Cup, with the audience clearly impressed by their performance...

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