Jacqueline Paxton Honors Her “Heart Horse” Cinbad 1987-2012

Jacqueline Paxton has been blessed with the opportunity to ride and own many great horses, but the one which will always remain forever in her heart, was her beloved Cinbad, the talented, Holsteiner gelding by Celebrio purchased for her by her parents, John and Janet when he was 13 years old in 2000. In that same year Jackie and Cinbad place 5th individually at the North American Young Riders Championships, and helped her team to earn a Bronze Medal. In 2002 Jackie and Cinbad were ranked #1 going into the Young Rider Championships, but due to the extreme heat and with his best interest always in her thoughts, she chose to take her mare Sangmelima, and won the Team and Individual Gold. But it wasn't about the victories which made him her soul mate. “Cinbad was a once in a life time horse that I will never forget. He was my partner and best friend. He had a presence about him that made him like no other horse I have ever met,” said emotional Paxton as she reflected on her “heart horse”.

“Cinbad always wanted to be in the spot light and would get extremely offended if he wasn’t first in the victory rounds.” On of Jackie’s fondest memories is riding Cinbad in a demo ride at the Washington International Horse Show under the spotlight in front of an audience of 40,000 people. “It was the best two rides I ever had on him, “ recalled Jackie, noting his star appeal. “He loved being cheered on it really pumped him up!” Paxton and Cinbad went on to have many successful seasons in Florida, and he helped her earn her USDF Gold Medal in 2002 in just two rides.

But it was not all the accomplishments they had together that remains the deepest and fondest memories of her “best friend” who she lost at the age of 27 due to complications from colic. “I will miss him calling out to me every time I came into the barn, I will miss his bowing in the cross ties to get treats and will miss having him putting his head in my lap when he was laying down to fall asleep.”

Jacqueline Paxton is the trainer of Paxton Dressage and is planning a summer wedding July 14, 2012 to her longtime beau LT. Dean Stylianos a Navy fighter pilot at her family summer home in Maine.