It's Not Too Late to Support Your Kentucky Horse Industry

A donation to the Kentucky Horse Council helps keep our programs growing.  No donation is too small - or too large!!

2010 was filled with Ambitious Programs for the Kentucky Horse Industry.  Your support will help these efforts continue and grow.

  • Assisted unwanted and neglected horses through education of the Animal Control Officers, gelding vouchers & direct feed and vet services for horses at risk.
  • Saved and expanded trails, and worked with public agencies to value horseback riding as a tourism opportunity.
  • Educated horse owners and professionals about both horse management and business issues.  Provided networking opportunities for professionals.
  • Educated legislators about the impact and diversity of Kentucky's horse industry, focusing on the "non-race" segment.
  • Provided promotional opportunities to Kentucky's equine businesses, including a comprehensive Equine Directory and a booth at the World Equestrian Games.
  • Partnered with Equine Educational groups and Ag groups to maximize resources.
  • Offered youth scholarships and recognition through 4-H, FFA, and other equine programs.

Consider a Donation to support these programs!  It is TAX-DEDUCTIBLE, can be ear-marked for your favorite program, and helps the horse community you participate in grow and prosper.

Your donation may be ear-marked for any of our program areas, or just provided for general support of the organization.  We also will ask you if you would like to have your name added as a supporter of the Kentucky Horse Council (a new page on our website)

Thanks you for your support now and into 2011.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!