It's A Done Deal! Horse TV to Launch in the Fall

Houston, TX - HorseTV Media Group, Inc. announced today that it has set an early fall date for the launch of the only 24 hour-a-day television network dedicated to equestrian sports and lifestyles.

The company also announced its acquisition of Equestrian Vision USA, the largest supplier of equestrian videos in North America. EVUSA’s extensive library of television and video programming represents some of the most respected and best-known equestrian competitions in the world, including the videos from the 2004 Athens Olympics.

The company completed its funding in late March with a diversified group of investors representing the media investment community, individuals from the television and equestrian industries, and private investors.

HorseTV's new management team is headed by its chairman and CEO, George Greenberg, and includes the company's founder and president, Sally Lasater. Greenberg's experience and television industry acumen are drawn from a 25-year career as principal, senior executive and advisor to companies in the media industry. He was directly involved in the development and launch of several successful independent television networks, including The Golf Channel, The Sci-Fi Channel, TechTV and SiTV.

The equestrian programming expertise and industry knowledge are brought to the company by Lasater. She has devoted her career of more than 30 years to the development and promotion of equestrian sports and lifestyles on television and home video. "I have know Sally for the 25 years I have been in the industry." says DressageDaily's Mary Phelps. "Her passion and perseverance have produced an exciting opportunity for the world of horses to have their very own place on TV.We all owe her a great big thank you for making this happen, and look forward to working with Horse TV on several projects."

HorseTV is actively acquiring the rights to both domestic and international television and video libraries. The network's programming will feature all disciplines and aspects of equestrian sports and lifestyles. In addition to acquiring existing programs and series, the company is developing new programming with organizations and independent producers.

An equestrian advisory board representing the diversity of the horse community is in the process of being created.

HorseTV Media Group, Inc. is a diversified media company providing television and video programming for owners, riders, breeders, and lovers of horses and equestrian sports. Currently based in Houston, the company is relocating its corporate and production facilities to Southern California.

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