Italian Dressage Championship 2011 in Arezzo - Valentina Truppa Reigns Supreme: Double Gold Medal!

After the competition, the dressage rider reveals… We spoke to the Italian Dressage Champion 2011, Valentina Truppa, while she was travelling in the car with her father “Enzo”, a famous Italian Dressage rider in the past (a pupil of the well-known George Theodorescu) and now, a very important international dressage judge. This is what she told us about the Championship at the Arezzo Equestrian Centre: Tell us something about the 2011 Italian Dressage Championship: You take in the same time technical and freestyle title! What do you think?  “Technical test was good, I think! In Grand Prix there were just little mistakes on my gelding Eremo del Castegno. But I can work on it and improve certainly!

Freestyle test was very very good, was amazing and mistakes free! I proposed my new kur and I’ll show it again at the CDI in Milano, next month. I had a wonderful score. More than 78% with an International jury, special for our country. A very good opportunity for me and my horse. I had a record score. Never happened in Italy! Wow! I’m very happy for the horse!”

A new kur for Eremo del Castegno. Something more to say?
“Sure. Thank you for the question. Music is always the same, it is right for the horse. What we changed are the movements. More difficult, more transitions, more energy. A new atmosphere than Rotterdam”

We have to speak about your Eremo del Castegno, this extraordinary dressage talent made in Italy!
“I want to say that Eremo is only 10-years-old! Never forget it! He’s quite young for Grand Prix! A bay Italian gelding by Rohdiamant x Weltgirl. A “Del Castegno breeding” horse! In every competition, he improves himself! He’s a winner, it has a special working attitude.”

Actually, you have a good position into international dressage ranking. You could go to Olympic Games of 2012 in London. What do you feel?
“I can feel a little satisfaction, but I’m very calm about it. I’m doing my standard training sessions. I’m not fixing on the ranking list. I have to wait and I have to do my best. Always!”

At the same Italian Championship, are on the podium, Beldonwelt and Corallo Nero. They are your horses in the times past.
“Sure. In technical test Beldonwelt was silver and Corallo Nero was bronze. In freestyle they change only the colour of the medal! Nowadays they are ridden by two pupils of mine. Above all Federica Scolari is with me since ten years. Both horses are in our stable from the beginnings. Today they work very well in competitions with my pupils Federica and the other one, Micol Rustignoli, in Grand Prix.“

A good dressage rider make his horse all alone. This is the teaching of George Theodorescu.
“I am sure. In our stable we have horse's homemade! For two reasons: first because they are very expensive, second because it is better training them oneself! You can ride the horse you want, you feel, imagine”

You didn’t go to the Italian Military dressage Championship in Montelibretti, Rome. Why? You had to defend your 2010 title with Corallo Nero.  
“Corallo Nero now has a new owner, Micol Rustignoli. She was training it for Arezzo. In Montelibretti there is no a good arena. It is on the grass or in sand but it was too soft. Never mind for the title. I have to think to the perfect health of my dressage horses.”

Next competitions: When and Where?
“Milan. A CDI ***. After that, at the end of the month, I have a lap of the World Cup in Lione but I ride my other Grand Prix horse, Chablis. In Stuttgart with Eremo again and Frankfurt with Chablis. Eremo and Chablis are different. Chablis has a good familiarity with the shows. He is not spooky and in a test I can ride him positively. He is 14 years old! The other one with kur is just a beginner!!!”