It Worked! We All Cheered Up Debbie (and Ruben)!

The response to both Diana DeRosa's and DressageDaily's newsletter has help our girls at the Olympics, Debbie and Brentina feel a bit better. The e-mails keep pouring in and we are frowarding every one to her.>subject line> For Debbie and Brentina
Photo by Craig Bernstein - Brentina with her longtime caretaker, Ruben.

8-17 - I just really want to thank everyone that has been writing me. You have all brought tears to my eyes and put a smile on my face! We are hanging in there. Brentina has been full of herself and has no idea that she has not won a medal! She goes out and struts her stuff like she always has. I am sure that you have all read the reaction from my team and what a team this has turned out to be. I don't know if you can see on television how many we have standing on the stand in front of the arena, but we are all there for each other!

When I say this I am also including Michael (Barisone), he is a team mate and brings so much to our team spirit! Often the alternate is not talked about and certainly not given the credit they deserve.

All of us put our family, and our financial support on hold for sometimes up to three months or more, depending on where you live and where the horses must travel. Michael stood ready to step in for the team and his country at any moment, yet sits in the background. I just would like to point out that even though we were only allowed to start three riders we had a fourth that is just as much a part of the team as those of us that had the opportunity.

What so many don't realize is that this isn't like most shows in the fact that you can't get your family credentials to see you. So when they come, you are lucky to spend a little time during a part of the day that you can fit it in. There has been an International Tent made available for families and friends to get together but it isn't the same and can be very crowded.

Gil Merrick photo - Michale Barisone comparing boot sizes with Debbie.

Thank you all for your continued support, you are the reason, it is all worth while!
Read some of the e-mails sent to Debbie on DeRosa Daily at the Equestrian Olympics

Here is an example of the e-mails we have been getting
In my opinion, the 2008 Olympics will be my most memorable. Not for medals won or lost, but for what this sport witnessed during Debbie and Brentina's ride. The relationship between horse and rider has never been more exemplified than this. As the test progressed, it became obvious that this mare was there ONLY for Debbie.

The absolute blind trust that Brentina had in Debbie was far more amazing to me than any score one could ever hope to achieve. It is my hope that this awe-inspiring testimony will have a far reaching effect on riders -more so than any medal awarded. I truly believe this was the highest honor a rider can ever achieve - that a horse trusts you so deeply that they forgo their basic instinct. Brentina was there for Debbie, but only because Debbie was there for Brentina.

What an honor! All I can say is ...... wow. What an inspiration to the sport and to our country.

We are truly indebted to them for this once-in-a-lifetime example of trust, respect, and unconditional love. I am proud to have them represent the United States.

Thank you to Debbie and her magnificent mount.

Kindest regards,

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