It Takes A Village and Allison Brock Gives Thanks for Her Olympic Journey

US Dressage Team and just a few of their crew.

US Dressage Team and just a few of their crew.

What an incredible journey this has been for everyone involved with the US Dressage Team, Rosevelt, and myself. There are so many people involved with our success this past week- it really did take a village.

First - I'd like to thank Fritz and Claudine Kundrun for their unwavering love and support. I would not be here without them!

Secondly, I want to thank Michael Barisone for his outstanding coaching and support. His enthusiasm is contagious and we are already looking forward to the next 4 years!

Kerri Coufal - wow you did an outstanding job taking care of both Rosie and I throughout this long process and I am so grateful for everything you did!

Robert Dover - thank you for being exactly the Chef we needed to succeed... And I'll say it again one more time - " You were right!"

Hallye Griffin - you are amazing!!!! I am not quite sure how you put up with us, but you do an incredible job herding all of us cats!

Christy Baxter and Leah Oliveto - also cat herders extraordinaire!

Dr Rick Mitchell, Tom Meyers, and Kenny Bark - thank you for your excellent care and concern for our horses!

Will Connell - superbly orchestrated our trip there and made sure we were very well taken care of.

Debbie Mcdonald and Betsy Juliano - thank you for all of your encouragement and support through this.

Andy Thomas Physio - thank you for keeping me put together through this process.

Laura Graves, Kasey Perry Glass, and Steffen Peters - you guys are the best teammates I could have ever hoped to have had and I am so proud to have been on the podium with you three!

Shelly Francis - we all felt better knowing that you had our backs and I hope I grow into the horse trainer you are one day!!

Holland Robertsdottir, Alex L-n, Eduardo Garcia, and Carlos Perez - you are all extraordinary grooms and it was a pleasure to work with all of you!

Rob van Puijenbroek and Tommie Visser thank you for letting us train and stay at your lovely farm.

Thank you to the Dutta Corporation and Gelissen Horse Transport for transporting our horses.
And now to the people at home and who helped me get here...
I need to thank Jan Brink and the team at Tullstorp for getting Rosevelt on the right path and setting me up for success with him!

Kyra Kyrklund and Richard White did a lot of the hardest work with Rosie and I and never gave up on us even though we went through some difficult times!!! Allyn Schiavone was also a big help to me as well.

I carry all of my trainers with me when I ride : Sue Blinks, Jane Savoie, Jim Eldridge, Mana Sporthorse, Linda Hosoi, Loki Feliciano, Linda Landers, and there are so many more who have influenced me along the way.

Dr Carolyn Weinberg has taken care of and stood up for Rosie for as long as we've had him and is a key part of our success. Thank you for always advocating for him and my other horses!

John Favicchia and Jeremey Fox - thank you for always doing your best to keep his feet in good shape!

Adrienne Pagalilauan has been my rock at home keeping the other horses going while I've been off trying to get better for the past 9 years. I absolutely could not do this without her!
Mary MJ Ray thank you for keeping the farm in FL perfect!
If I have forgotten someone please forgive me!
I am incredibly honored and grateful to have represented Team USA....

See all of you at home in a week!!!


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