It Can Happen in An Instant - Your Friends at Equestrian Aid Are here to Help

A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet. As members of the equestrian community, we know this to be true.

That friend could be the passing groom who waited with your colicky horse until the vet arrived, the jump crew who helped you to your feet after you and your horse parted ways, the farrier who stepped in to tack on a shoe. 

These are the friends the Equestrian Aid Foundation has been helping since 1996. This organization is managed by friends, members of our equestrian community who have maintained this amazing 501c3 organzation on the smallest operating budget they can. Our friends, donate their time, pay their own expenses to get to meetings, and often donate their own money to help directly preserving the balance of the EAF account.

If you ask horse show secretary and announcer Ashlyn Bell, she’ll tell you the story of a riding accident that left her incapacitated for almost a year, with the majority of her ribs and vertebrae shattered.

“As a 29-year-old single mom with no insurance and no income, I didn’t know how I was going to make this work. The Equestrian Aid Foundation took the burden off me, and I was able to heal and come out of a very dark place.” - Ashlyn Bell, Statesville, NC

Because of the generosity of horsemen like you, the Equestrian Aid Foundation was able to assist Ashlyn with living expenses and childcare during the months it took her to recover.

As horse people, we are a community of friends—some lifelong, and others we’ve yet to meet. When you donate to the Equestrian Aid Foundation, you help fellow horsemen as they recover from critical illness or injury and get back to doing the work they love. After all, that’s what friends do.

Can we count on your support today?

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Your friends,

Marilou Case, R. Scot Evans, Monique Keitz, Louise Riggio, and Robert Ross

Equestrian Aid Foundation Leadership Team


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