12 Ways to Have a Better Show with Carol Bulmer

The Central Florida Dressage Club, has the special privilege of having their meetings at the beautiful Highlife Farm, in Orlando, Florida. Members bring a "Pot Luck" dinner, and along with the club business at hand, there is a monthly guest speaker.

Carol Bulmer, Instructor, Judge, Technical Delegate, and competitor, was the featured speaker dispensing words of wisdom from all the perspectives her experience has to offer. We thought it would be helpful to our DressageDaily readers to pass on a summary as recorded by the Central Florida Dressage Club secretary, Dawn White. Thanks to Carol and GCDA, and best wishes to all for a happy and healthy 2006 Show season.

  • Remember, you have 45 seconds to get to A. Be prepared for the whistle. Be courteous of the judges time
  • Scribe a couple of shows before showing
  • Appearance is very important : Practice in your show clothes at home, fix your hair, no dangly earrings, messy hair, or flopping bows.
  • Ensure the helmet is on straight and secure
  • Learn Your test by heart
  • Take care of yourself - get more sleep, relax, and have a good dinner. Be physically fit for the activity and match your fitness of your horse.
  • Control your show nerves
  • Sign up for an easy test and know the purpose of your Level
  • Practice taking your horse places
  • Practice in group lessons to prepare you for the warm up ring
  • Have ONE personal goal per show
  • This is not the Olympics/Life or Death.. Have FUN.
  • And here's a tip from Mary Phelps who has photographed a million rides or so. "Eyeball the judge as you are coming down to your final halt, salute AND smile, no matter what you may have thought of your ride."

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