Isabell Werth and El Santo Score Gold In WDM Grand Prix

Isabell Werth winning GP with El Santo at the World Dressage Masters 2012
Isabell Werth winning GP with El Santo at the World Dressage Masters 2012

The first day of the 2012 World Dressage Masters in Falsterbo presented by Axel Johnson Group exceeded all expectations. With an impressive starting field including the winner from WDM Munich, Isabell Werth, last year's WDM Falsterbo winner, Patrik Kittel, and this season Nürnberger Ranking winner – Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfvén it was going to be a battle for sure. Isabell Werth and her El Santo showed that experience counts, and scored the fantastic result of 75.213%, before number two Patrik Kittel, who rode his Olympic star Watermill Scandic, that charmed the judges to a score of 74.660%. On a third place came Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfvén and her Favourit with 70.319%. Isabell's 11-year old "Ernie" El Santo (Ehrentusch) was showing a great form, and it was clear that both of them have improved since they last won the Grand Prix at the WDM Munich. "I did not expect to win, I knew Patrik would be difficult to beat", she said with a smile. "I know that El Santo has improved a lot the last month, but here he really showed he is a real top horse, ready for the big tasks."

She added: "This is my first time in Falsterbo and it is such an amazing show – with the audience, the setting and the atmosphere. An absolutely wonderful show".

Number two Patrik Kittel was happy with Scandic, but said that he is still not on 100% in the form curve. "Scandic have been resting for a while during the early sumer, so I really

El Santo (Ehrentusch) was showing a great form
El Santo (Ehrentusch) was showing a great form

wanted to show him in Falsterbo, since I felt that Scandic needed an extra competition in his body before the London Olympics", Patrik said. " At the last show he was so loaded, it was like sitting on an explosive. Here he felt better, but still a little bit hot.
Today WDM Falsterbo will be an extremely exciting battle. With 7 riders in the GP Special (10.30 am) and 8 riders in the Freestyle (12.15 pm), Sunday sure looks like a good day for dressage lovers.

In 2012 all WDM shows will be covered by Eurosport in their Wednesday Selection presented by Rolex, connecting WDM Falsterbo to 155 million homes across the world. Broadcasting will take place on 15th of August 2012 between 20:00-22:00 GMT.

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