Irene Phelps Estate for Auction August 30, 2008

It is with mixed emotions we share this news with our readers, but we feel we have shared a piece of our personal lives with you from time to time amidst the obligations of bringing news and features of equestrian sport.

After the [#26750 override="recent loss of my mother, Renie Phelps, April 19" title="recent loss of my mother, Renie Phelps, April 19"], in what was to be a summer planning and executing her surprise 80th birthday, we have instead spent it cleaning out her home and putting her affairs in order.

There wasn't much to do beyond the packing of personal items, because she gave her five children the greatest gift: she prepared a trust, and had it all together. And we gave her the greatest tribute, no fighting.

Now her home is a beautiful showplace, all ready for auction, which will be held August 30, 2008 at 10AM CST. My sister asked if I put the link up on my website. Talk about the shoemaker's kids going barefoot, we have been so busy with Olympic news this week, and I hadn't even looked at the listing. So here it is!

Who knows, maybe it will belong to one of our readers!

There are so many things we love about living here in south central Kentucky; the people, the weather, the lakes, the lushness, the land and serenity. The company in charge of the auction Golden Rule is the same company we bought our property from. They have done an amazing first class job. For anyone interested in moving to one of the most beautiful (and affordable) places in the USA to live, just visit their website. You won't believe the prices and the properties in this area they have listed.

When my parents began planning their retirement home, they decided to return to my Father's birthplace, in Jamestown, Kentucky.

The family farm was homesteaded in 1798, and in a corner of the property, in the woods, overlooking Greasy Creek, my parents picked a spot to build Renie's dream home.

They call it Greasy Creek, because this region has oil and once in awhile you would see a light rainbow coat in a quiet pool. Renie designed her dream home. Most of it was done over the phone, my mother in Boston, the contractor (Branscum) and builder (Paul Aaron) in Kentucky. But it worked! It is a masterpiece, and a place where they were very happy for many years.

Then several years later when the 300 acre farm was subdivided into a quality and well thought out lots, my father bought each one of his 5 children a lot. What is not shown in the write up, is that the county airport is just across the street, so it is a great place to live with a private plane too!

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Irene Phelps Estate for Auction August 30, 2008