Introducing New Fans to Dressage Through Funding Efforts

Nancy Smith - Dressage Trainer, Instructor, Clinician

Nancy became accredited by the American Dressage Foundation (now known as the American Horse Trials Foundation) and hosted multiple fundraisers for her Olympic bid.
In addition to the support Kooyman provided, there were also Nancy’s long time students – some of whom gave up their grocery money, making a donation of what they could, helping her raise over $75,000 in six years. With this funding Nancy trained in Europe with Herbert Rehbein for four months in the summers of 1993 and 1994 and made the long list for the 1996 Olympic Games.

Nancy followed through with her benefactors, some of whom were introduced to Dressage through Nancy’s funding efforts, by sending reports on her progress with Focus, providing her show schedule, and traveling with Focus to give demonstrations, educating her followers and their friends in the fine art of Dressage. She always made it clear there were no guarantees with horses, in spite of all the knowledge and expertise it takes to develop an equine athlete to the Olympic level.

Ranked in the top twelve and headed for Gladstone and the selection trials, Focus pulled a suspensory, an injury that ended his career and brought their  ’96 Olympic quest to an abrupt halt.

The Success is the Journey