Introducing HorsesDaily's Canine Corner

Almost everyone who owns a horse has a canine companion who travels with them to shows. Here at HorsesDaily's Canine Corner you will meet some of the dogs of the equine world who, are often as well known as their owners and horses.

Winnie Hathaway, of, is the older of two Corgis who live with their owners Mary (Phelps) and JJ Hathaway. Now 10 years old, she has traveled the country covering over 35 shows a year, and has developed many friendships of her own. The second corgi, Gizmo, is cute but not nearly as intelligent as Winnie, hence Winnie has been chosen to host HorsesDaily's Canine Corner.

Ever the enterprising Corgi, Winnie contacted the folks at PETsMART, who are happy to host this section. Winnie will get a percentage of all sales made through, so feel free to do your pet shopping with us, by clicking on any of the links you see on our site.

Visit Canine Corner often, as we add new members each month, and give our visitors a peek at what their owners are doing, from a dog's perspective.

PETsMART® has special offers every week, so check here often to see what great deals and products will be featured.

Meet Aachie Steiner- Canine Corner's first guest