International Show Jumping of Saint-Lô: Day Two

Normandy, France - After several top placings, Jemma Kirk (GBR) finally won her first class in the CSI1* riding her top mount Wexford. In the CSI3*, Rik Hemeryck (BEL) did the perfect jump off on Querco de Kerambars sBs, beating Marc Dilasser (FRA) in the first big class qualifying for the Sunday Grand Prix.

4 other classes took place in Saint-Lô's indoor arena for this 2nd day of competition.

The 3 star competition only started today with a small class and a big class qualifying for the Grand Prix. Judged under table A against the clock, the class n°1 finally crowned the French rider Christophe Grangier riding Quasimodo de Hurtebise sBs, after a clear domination of Belgian riders Jose Thiry (Soraya de l'Obstination sBs) and Koen Vereecke (Dior van het Indihof BWP), 2nd and 3rd. No more than 120 riders started in this small class, and some prepared the Sunday Grand Prix with their best mount.

Late in the evening, the class n°4 was the first qualifying one for the Sunday Grand Prix. 77 horses started (a record!) and 17 qualified for the jump off. Alejandro Karolyi (VEN) was the first to really try to forge ahead upon his opponents. He did it, few minutes later, Marc Dilasser (FRA), one of the French heroes of the Calgary's Nations Cup, improved the time. He thought he had won...what Rik Hemeryck (BEL) did not want to accept. Riding the black Quarco de Kerambars, he took all the options and got his first win in Saint-Lô.

The small CSI1* class went again to the French Norman rider, Sylvain Montigny (FRA), riding Mondeenne du Lys. He succeeded in beating the British young rider Jemma Kirk (GBR), 6th to go and who stayed at the 1st rank during almost all the class. Fabrice Paris (FRA) obtained another ranking (3rd with Foxglen Moving On AES).

In the « big class » of the CSI1*, 11 riders finished clear. Once again, Jemma Kirk (GBR) started as n°5, galloped faster than the 60 other starters...and kept the 1st place till the end! Her bay Wexford is definitively a top horse, a bit emotional but really fast on the obstacles! Thomas Rousseau (FRA) did his best but remained at the 2nd rank with Lord of the Rings, Emmanuel Vincent (FRA) finishing 3rd with Obligée de Vains SF.

Schedule – Saturday 15 October
8:00am Eurogen Trophy CSI1* cl. n°5 (1,25m)
10:30am SORAPEL Trophy CSI3* cl. n°3 (1,35m)
2:00pm NASH Auctions (3 year old sport horses)
7:00pm Crédit Agricole Normandie Trophy CSI3* cl. n°4 (1,45m)
10:00pm Normandy Region Trophy CSI3*/1* cl. N°5 (6 bars)

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