International Show Jumping of Caen - Two In A Row for Lauran Hough

Normandy, France - After the 3 stars Grand Prix of Saint-Lô (FRA) last week with Quick Study, the American rider Lauren Hough won the 3 stars Grand Prix of Caen with her second top horse, Blue Angel, after an amazing jump off including 9 riders. Harrie Smolders (NED) could have won with his fast Regina Z but today, Lauren Hough was too strong. Timothée Anciaume (FRA) did a fantastic come back on the front scene with a new horse, Olympique Libellule, and finished 3rd.

CSI3* Grand Prix City of Caen (1,55m): Lauren Hough (USA) did it twice!
She could not believe it...and though, she did it! Harrie Smolders (NED), winner of the Grand Prix qualifier on Friday, was supposed to be the fastest rider of the competition with his mare Regina Z. He stole the lead from Timothée Anciaume's hands and everyone said "he is unbeatable!"  And the rest is history... Lauren Hough (USA) entered in the arena, had a quick glance around the course and started to gallop faster and faster. Even the speaker could not believe the stopwatch. "She did it! Unbelievable! She did it!!!" he said. 36''12, 84 hundredth second less, that was enough to give her the final victory.

"I'm really lucky to have such horses like Quick Study and Blue Angel," she said. "We bought Blue Angel early July and she already won in Dublin and Calgary. She will probably progressively replace Quick Study and anyway, that allows me to give him some rest between big competitions."  Lauren Hough (USA) / Harrie Smolders (NED) / Timothée Anciaume (FRA) - that's the new podium of Caen indoor CSI3*.

Best Rider in Show: Harrie Smolders (NED).

CSI2* Grand Prix Department of Calvados (1,50m): Charlotte Gastaldi (FRA)
The French riders were so many at the jump off that it would have been a deep disappointment if none have won this 2 stars Grand Prix. Frédéric Busquet (FRA) rapidly took the lead with his grey Plume de la Roque.  Thierry Goffinet (BEL), who was 3rd in the big class on Friday, could do better...and that's what he did with an astounding easiness.  Riding Cento's son, Cendo, grey as its father, stopped the clock at 41''59.  Cédric Angot (FRA), who had already won 2 classes on Saturday, improved Thierry's performance but with one rail down, he finished 5th.  Charlotte Gastaldi (FRA), recently installed in Normandy, encouraged her Belgian mare Simba d'Hoogpoort to gallop faster and hug a bend. 38''92 was her time, unbeatable, definitively.

Best Rider in Show: Cédric Hurel (FRA).

In the small 2 stars class, Cédric Hurel (FRA), 11th to go, maintained his position till the end, after 88 other courses. Riding Paola du Terroir, he beats his fellow countryman Christophe Grangier (FRA) with the Belgian gelding Quasimodo de Hurtebise. As usual, James Billington (GBR) had been the faster among the foreign starters with Lerado II.

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