International Jumping

Once again, numerous jumping competitions were taking place around Europe. In the CSI 4* Geesteren in the Netherlands, Peter Wylde and Zidane won the 1.30-1.35m Robert Muntel Prijs, the first qualifier for the CSI4* Youngster Tour. In the 1.30-1.35m CSI Twente Prijs, Andrew Ramsay and Zerley finished the second qualifying round for the CSI4* Youngster Tour in third place, while Wylde and Zidane came in seventh.

In the 1.30-1.35m De Provincie Overijssel Prijs CSI4* Youngster Tour final, Ramsay and Zerley were eighth while Wylde and Zidane ended up in tenth place. Wylde was fourth with Unbelievable 15 in the 1.50m Rabobank Prijs, the first qualifier for the Grand Prix. In the 1.45m Nationaal Landschap Prijs, Marilyn Little-Meredith came in fourth with Waldman Z while Christine McCrea and Avenir were seventh.  

In the 1.45m Eurocommerce Prijs, the U.S. riders had a one-two finish with McCrea and Avenir taking home the win and Lucy Davis and Hannah coming in second. Wylde and Unbelievable 15 continued their successful weekend by coming in seventh in the 1.55m Roelofs Den Ham Prijs second Grand Prix qualifier, while Davis and Hannah came in tenth. Saer Coulter and Springtime were fifth in the 1.45m Roelofsen Raalte Prijs.

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In the CSI Monte Carlo in Monaco, several U.S. riders were present. Cortie Wetherill and High Offley Arturo 9 finished fifth in the 1.25m Prix Jumping International de Monte Carlo, giving the U.S. riders a strong start to the weekend. Audrey Coulter finished second with Julia Des Brumes and seventh with Victory DA in the 1.40m Prix Jumping International de Monte Carlo, while Alexa Weeks and Madison finished sixth.

In another 1.40m Prix Jumping International de Monte Carlo class later that weekend, Weeks finished second with Madison while Coulter finished fourth with Victory DA and ninth with Julia Des Brumes. Laura Kraut and Teirra came in third in the Prix Massimo Dutti, and later that weekend the pair was second in the 1.50m International Jumping Competition. Kraut rode her WEG horse Cedric to a ninth place finish in the 1.34m Prix S.B.M. In the Pro-Am Cup, Coulter came in fifth with the help of Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum of Germany, Lauren Hough and Wenceslas Thomel of Monaco were eighth, and Kraut and Danny van den Bosch of Belgium were tenth.

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In the CSI Fontainebleau, Alice Debany-Clero and Quency De La Polka finished seventh in the CSI1* 1.35m Prix Les Prémices. Alexandra Thornton and Silvana were tenth in the CSI4* 1.40m Prix Suez Environnement. Thornton and Noah De Bacon were fourth in the CSI4* 1.40m Prix du CCFA and eighth in the CSI4* 1.35m Prix APCS.

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Lastly, the U.S. was being represented in Italy as well this past weekend. In the CSI2* San Remo Grand Prix, Bliss Heers finished tenth.

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Photos: Peter Wylde and Laura Kraut taken earlier this year at the Winter Equestrian Festival at Wellington.