International Grand Prix Dressage Trainer Jaime Amian Relocates to IDA Farm in Wellington, Florida

Jamie Amian (Photo: Myriam Ranchon)
Jamie Amian (Photo: Myriam Ranchon)

Wellington, FL — A globe trotting life has been the norm for successful international dressage rider Jaime Amian, but now he’s ready to put down roots in Wellington, Florida, to allow the next fruits of his labor to blossom. He can think of no better South Florida home than the International Dressage Academy, known in Wellington as IDA Farm. This facility in Little Ranches boasts world-class amenities for horses and riders. Amian is grateful to IDA Farm for welcoming him to its beautiful grounds and presenting him with the opportunity to bring his expertise to Wellington.

Amian has a long history of show ring victories— more recently, this includes scoring consistently in the 70s for the past two years at multiple shows throughout Europe on several different horses. Amian has placed first in the Beaufort-Centre Equestre International in Luxemburg, Belgium, and the International Show CDI Biarritz in France, amongst several others. 

For Amian, a USDF Gold and Silver Medalist, the move to Wellington will be beneficial for a number of reasons. Relocating from his most recent home on the West Coast to the East Coast allows for easier travel to Europe to help clients find horses, and to visit his family in his native Sevilla, Spain. This location will also successfully position Amian to compete in the three month 2016 Adequan Global Dressage Festival.

“I have some pretty nice young horses and hopefully, we will ride the international classes with them,” Amian plans. His passion is training young horses, as well as teaching— especially younger riders. “I like working with young people too,” he says. “I like to teach them because you can adjust them quickly and they listen really well.” The professional is grateful for the contributions of his investors, brothers Ignacio Metcalf and Fernando Metcalf of Richmond, Virginia, for helping to make his training business possible.

Through his students’ successes, Amian has proven himself a talented instructor. Under his direction, student Dana Beck from Luxembourg made her way to the Luxembourg Junior Rider Team. German student Lucas Alecco Roy is now a member of the German Young Rider Team after only a year in training with Amian.

Another specialty of Amian’s is in-hand work. “Piaffe and passage in-hand I think are very important. This helps the horses react better and come back on their hind legs more quickly,” he comments.

When Amian first became involved in the equine industry, he never planned on becoming a Grand Prix dressage rider. He was originally training to be a farrier in Spain. It was during this time that he met Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz, who now rides the PRE stallion Fuego. “He saw me riding my own horse there just for fun, and he was interested in me,” Amian explains. “He said, ‘Why don’t you just work for me?’”

Amian trained with Diaz for two years and graduated from the Escuela de Arte Ecuestre Costa del Sol in Málaga, Spain. Diaz then sent him to Germany, where Amian worked for three years to earn his bereiter's, or training, license. From there he went on to ride for Klaus Balkenhol for nearly three years.

Balkenhol selects only the best bereiters to work for him— those who have a great passion for training and handling horses. “In my opinion, Jamie is of extraordinary ability in the fields of dressage training, riding, and coaching,” states Balkenhol. “I wish Jaime much success at his position in the United States, and know that he will have an impact upon the sport.”

“I’m very good at choosing horses,” multilingual Amian explains. “I know what is needed for the American market. I love to go to Europe and select horses. I was in Germany for ten years, and I know many breeders and sales barns and I can help clients find their ideal horse.”

Amian is excited to become part of the vibrant equestrian community in South Florida, where he will pitch in by contributing his own talents and passion for dressage.

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