The International Golden Years Trophy for Young Riders

The International Young Riders’ Golden Years Trophy was created a number of years ago by the late Mr Raymond Hutse (BEL), to give young riders the opportunity to participate at higher level international jumping events before leaving the young rider category. 

This year there are a total of six qualifying events, plus a semi-final and a final. Five qualifiers have already taken place, the last qualifier will be held in Copenhagen (DEN) from 10 – 12 August.

Qualified for the semi-final are the best 25 riders on a point system selected from four of the qualifiers, each of these riders must have competed in at least two of the six events. In addition, the winner of the Grand Prix competition at each of the qualifying events is permitted to take part at the semi-final.

The following are qualified for the semi-final, which will take place in Barcelona (ESP) from 14 – 16 September:

Wathelet Gregory (BEL)
Vandousselaere Kelly (BEL)
Lambrecht Vincent (BEL)
Benner Anna-Maria (GER)
Smolders Harrie (NED)
Vanderhasselt Philippe (BEL)
Brugman Madeleine (NED)
Deckers Frank (BEL)
Rieskamp-Goedeking Tim (GER)
Cimolaï Paola (ITA)
Wertheim Lucas (ARG)
Matthes Lilly (GER)

The participants at the semi-final are invited to take part in the final, which will take place in Barcelona (ESP) from 21 – 23 September.

The International Golden Years Trophy for Juniors

This series was created for the first time in 2001. The same conditions apply for the Juniors as apply for the Young Riders.

The semi-final for the Juniors will take place also in Barcelona (ESP) during the same time as the semi-final for the Young Riders.

The final for the Juniors, however, will take place in Vienna (AUT) from 28 – 30 October.

After five qualifying competitions and with on still to take place in Copenhagen (DEN) from 10 – 12 August, the following Juniors are qualified for the semi-final:

Patteet Gudrun (BEL)
Kuyten Suus (NED)
Van den Nieuwenhuyzen Kevin (NED)
Greve Willem (NED)
Malandin Adélaïde (FRA)
Rombouts Kirsten (BEL)
Genin Thomas (BEL)
Rieskamp-Goedeking Tim (GER)
Van Vliet Maurice (NED)
Sorg Corina (SUI)
Ambrosetti Vanessa (ITA)
Sprehe Jörne (GER)
Lee Williams (GBR)
Maher Ben (GBR)

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