International Dressage Riders Club (IDRC) Extraordinary General Assembly Minutes

IDRC President Kyra Kyrklund opened the meeting and welcomed all the Members in attendance and was delighted to see that a number of Members had found time to attend the EGA in person. Many more had submitted their votes by email. Riders representative on the Dressage Committee Wayne Channon, Secretary General, updated the Members present on the current situation regarding the position of the Athletes’ Representative on the FEI Dressage Committee.  He reported that the FEI was considering removing the IDRC as an Associate Member. This is a new strategy and seemed to be aimed at taking the focus off the real issue of who should elect the riders representative to the Dressage Committee.

The IDRC's leagal advice was that removing Associate Membership of the IDRC would be unlawful and the FEI Statues and Internal Regulations do not allow this.

The IDRC Pre-hearing Submission to the FEI Bureau was discussed and it was agreed that this very clearly showed that the IDRC had been acting in good faith and in complete accordance with its Statutes. The Submission would be sent following conclusion of the EGA.

It was noted that the FEI was reluctant to discuss the new 2012 IDRC Statutes (that were specifically drafted to allow the two excluded members the right of appeal) as they had started proceedings. This is contrary to normal legal process which aims to conclude disputes as quickly as possible.

The EGA then moved to consider the items on the Agenda and a formal vote was conducted by a show of hands and by proxy.
a. That the Revised IDRC Statutes (attached) be adopted.  Passed unanimously.
b. That the International Dressage Riders’ Club be incorporated in the UK as A Company Ltd by Guarantee.  Passed unanimously.
c. That Catherine Haddad be appointed as an Executive Board Member. Passed unanimously.

The President commented that electronic and proxy voting has transformed our members’ ability to express their views.  With such a geographically disperse membership, far more than any National Federation, the IDRC is able to get feedback from its members using modern technology so that we arrive a democratic decision on important matters. The meeting was then closed.