I'm Just Not A "Numbers" Person...

Numbers are a tool that you can use to analyze any part of your business to change it, make it better or decide if it's meeting your expectations and dreams.  The numbers are the symbols you use to represent the information that you gather in your everyday transactions.  Properly collected and arranged, numbers help you to answer bigger questions like - "Is my business growing?" and "On what income base will my taxes be calculated?" But they are also used to answer the more specific questions about how effective a particular advertising media was, how much should you should increase board to cover costs and have a 15% profit margin and how much interest will you be paying over the next 5 years if you decide to finance a new tractor. 

I know that you know what numbers are and how you can use them in your business but do you use them?  Do you collect the data in a way that is organized and provides meaningful information on which to base your decisions?  If not, you've made a conscious decision to waste money.  You are gambling that the choices that you are making are correct and the odds of you making good decisions each time you could have used "the numbers" but didn't, aren't in your favor.  I have never met a client that consciously decided to throw money away but over time, that's what you are doing by cchoosingnot to use data from your business in the decision process. 

I'm not proposing that you spend hours each night, laboring over your books.  But you should think about what information you've always wanted to know about your business and what would help you in making business decisions.  Do you do a lot of advertising and aren't sure which is the best use of your money?  Does the process for setting your lesson rates involve a dartboard?  This is all about helping you to make better decisions so you'll be happier and more confident. 

Then get some help from a professional.  That's why your clients come to you.  Many of your clients could do it themselves but most would end up with some combination of  badly behaved, poorly performing animals in poor health who couldn't meet the dreams and expectations of their owners.  Sound familiar?  You work hard.  Make your numbers work hard for you.