How to Pirouette and Passage: Laura Tomlinson Explains it All


Whitley, UK,- In an exclusive video produced by Land Rover, long term supporters of equestrian sport, Olympic dressage rider Laura Tomlinson reveals the secrets behind the art of performing perfect dressage moves.

Tomlinson takes the audience on a journey, demonstrating the harmony between horse and rider in order to make the most demanding Grand Prix movements look easy. The London 2012 team gold medallist begins with the shoulder in and travers, before floating into the half pass, then executing with ease the extension and collection movements before advancing to flying changes. She finishes with the most difficult of all the dressage moves – the canter pirouette.

Laura shows the classic moves on her exciting 8-year-old stallion, Capri Sonne Jr (also known as Cas), who is established at small tour level and is now working towards Grand Prix. Cas has been in Laura’s care since April this year, but it is clear from the masterclass that there is already a strong and unique bond between the pair.