- Our 2005 The Year in Review

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year to All

This date is very special to us here at the offices of Phelps/Hathaway Enterprises Inc. because January 1 is the anniversary of the launch of our websites in 1997. Just like in the birth of a child, the arrival date is not always predictable, but it just so happened, the designers we worked so hard with to create the websites got the finishing touches done, and the site uploaded shortly after midnight January 1, 1997.

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January 1, 2006 marks the beginning of our 10th year on line! A milestone, we are proud of reaching, and haven’t we all come a long way? Remember life before the internet, e-mail, google? We were one of the pioneers, staking our claim on the World Wide Web, just as our American ancestors did with land as they moved westward. Just like a piece of land we have nurtured our claim, and made it grow into three websites known throughout the equestrian word;,, and

We have an exciting year lined up, The Aachen World Equestrian Games, our ‘On the Road’ tour of shows around the country, the development of our Kentucky office and property, and new projects starting off with a documentary we are developing for Horse TV on Major General Jonathan R Burton. But today is the day to share some photos and stories of the people and places we have enjoyed in 2005.

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