HorsesDaily Receives Internet Media Award at The USAEquestrian Pegasus Dinner

Friday night, January 11 in Charlotte NC, was the first of two nights of awards presented by America's National Federation, USAEquestrian. Starting off the evening, which honored many of the Horse Industry's leading contributors, including 2001 Lifetime Achievement Winner, Frank Chapot, were the USA Equestrian Media Awards. HorsesDaily's (and DressageDaily's) creators, Mary Phelps and husband James Hathaway picked up the 2001 Media Award for Equestrian Website.

As President Alan Balch began to announce the award there were cheers and applause from the dressage table, where such notables as Michelle Gibson, Axel Steiner, Anne Gribbons, Marianne Ludwig, Elizabeth Williams, Patsy Albers and Kathleen Raine were showing support.

"Mary Phelps-Hathaway has a passion for horses...and she knows what others who share her passion are interested in. Long a standout as a photographer, on New Year's Day 1997, she entered cyberspace with her fledgling web site. And four years later, it has grown into one of the Internet's most respected and visited sites for the latest news and information on matters equestrian.

In a world where "dot.coms" open and fold faster than the speed of light that carries them - has earned a place, and an award, in tonight's ceremonies. This year's Equestrian Industry Internet Media Recognition Award goes to Phelps-Hathaway Enterprises and"
Alan Balch USAEquestrian President.

Thank you USAEquesrian, Alan Balch, Brian Sosby, Sarah Holt, our readers, clients and friends. And thanks to the rowdy table of dressage enthusiasts cheering us on and making the experience such a thrill.

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