Horsesdaily Ready for 2004 "Dressage at Devon"

Next week, it's America's biggest and best dressage show -- at least according to one of Dressagedaily's editors. Mary Phelps has been covering the event for more than 20 years as a photographer, and the website has been the only and ultimate source for On The Scene information on this show four years in a row.

As of September 23, 2004, has started its 2004 Dressage at Devon ultimate coverage by featuring all official press releases and the official breed and performance division entry lists.

The Devon Breed Show starts Tuesday September 28, 2004, so make sure you have your computer running as we will be bringing articles, interviews, photos and stories from the Dixon Oval and Gold Ring each day next week. Euro-correspondent Astrid Appels of is flying in to bring a touch of Devon onto your computer screen for those unable to attend.

Mary Phelps and JJ Hathaway are armed and ready with their camera's, Tracey Scharf will be handling all your photo and insurance questions and Astrid Appels, equipped with camera and pen, will be investigating on the scene who the winners are and where the special Devon lie.

Horsesdaily 2004 Dressage at Devon Coverage