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I recently visited a barn which had 4 horses in it all purchased from our horsemarket section. This and the steady feedback from customers pleased with not only the number of responses, but the quality of buyers contacting our Horsemarket advertisers is what makes HorsesDaily Horsemarket the leading quality resource for Dressage sporthorses and ponies. Our stallion section offers a cost effective way to promote your breeding stallion, and our popularity in google, will make your stallion more searchable.

Our on-line form makes it easy to submit an ad, and we usually enhance it with our own special touches. Don’t forget to sign our mailing list and select the HorseMarket list, to recieve our popular newsletters. And of course when buying or selling a horse, please consider us for your equine insurance needs. All necessary forms are on-line in our insurance section, and we have a simple on-line insurance tour which will provide us will the facts we need to know to give you a quote. We will be raising the price soon, not much, from $180 to $200, so take advantage of our current pricing ASAP.

After 5 long weeks on the road, which sometime makes internet connections slow, spotty, and sometimes unavailable, it is tricky keeping up with one of the most active, and most visited sections of our websites. But now we are back at our Kentucky location with high speed fiber optic internet, benefiting from an aggressive government program which is working to bring internet equality to the rural areas. As the owner of our websites, I personally took over the management of our HorseMarket section in 2006, applying some new features, such as coding and indexing to enhance our visibility, as well as producing a Newsletter which goes out to over 5000 names on our mailing list. The results are almost overwhelming, with new listings coming in daily, as well as e-mails announcing their horses sold. But relief is on the way as we look forward to training a new helper next week.

Have a great weekend, and stay tuned as we introduce a new member tomorrow of our family. I promise it will be a treat!

From the Boss Mare: Mary Phelps-Hathaway

Great Investment! An exceptional top proven Performance and Breeding stallion available for sale. He was imported from Germany in 1998 and established his show and breeding records in both Virginia and Washington. In Toutle, Washington (10/23/06)