It was a bright warm day, Wednesday, June 26, "Children's Day" at Aachen, Germany, with fields of cars parked around the CHIO Aachen Stadium, and large crowds even in the middle of the day, and the middle of the week. While we carried our cameras , today was not a day to focus on shooting, just to get organized. The real work begins tomorrow, with Grand Prix Dressage. We checked into the press center, were photographed for our press badges, got the schedule, then took a walk to see how this beautiful show continues to grow.

As we were leaving the grounds, for an early evening, the sound of our American national anthem stopped me my tracks. One of the first prizegiving ceremonies was in progress in the Aachen Stadium - and it was an American - the leading Four-In-Hand Driving Dressage competitor for the day, USET's Tucker Johnson. I darted back toward the stadium, with one of the security guards helping me put on the required "photographer's bib" to get into the arena, just as presentations were in progress, and got some of the first shots of the week.

Follow us, as we bring coverage and photos from the number one rated Horse Show in the World, CHIO Aachen 2002.

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