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Cindy Snowden wrote:

I am one of the lucky people who sends my horse to Florida for the winter season. Just after I considered your website and submitted the ad, you had done an update on "Horses in Florida" or something like that. I submitted in late January, so my ad was put on the February updates. Anyone wishing to see many, many horses in one spot just like shopping in Europe can do so in Florida during the winter. Using your website as a "guide", you can locate many Florida horses without having any research. It is so easy. I probably had 25 calls from your website ad in the first two weeks it appeared.

Then, the Florida season was over and my horse shipped home. The market had changed, I reduced his price and you promptly updated this on my ad.

Someone called the very next day feeling it was "luck" to get to see my horse. She purchased him and feels she has the horse of her dreams.

I placed online ads on my GMO's webpage and referred to if they wished to see his picture. I also placed ads
twice in a national publication and received only 3 calls from that
source. It was disappointing because I spent four times the amount for
those ads which ran for just weeks compared to the very reasonable price for your ad which will run for six months.

Any person seriously trying to market their horse should understand how fortunate we are to have such a wonderful resource to reach the dressage community.

Most sincerely,
Cindy Snowden

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