Horses Unlimited's Chain of Success at 2005 Dressage at Devon


In order to be successful at dressage competitions one needs professional management and knowledge from the bottom to the top. Breeding quality horses, based on proven bloodlines combinations, keeping the horses healthy from foal to mature sport horse, and professional training of the horse and coaching of the rider are critical steps in the management to success in dressage.

The Horses Unlimited - Piaffe Performance team is one example of such a well oiled chain of success at 2005 Dressage at Devon. Ann Whitten of Horses Unlimited is a devoted German sport horse breeder based in New Mexico. She presented Pikko del Cerro HU, the champion of the Born in the U.S.A. class at the Devon Breed Show. Whitten has also been the long time sponsor of Dr. Cesar Parra, providing him horses that enabled him to compete at, for instance, the 2004 Olympic Games, the 2005 World Cup Finals and the 2005 CDIO Aachen aboard the Grand Prix stallion Galant du Serein. On Horses Unlimited's Pik L, Parra has been the undefeated small tour champion of the U.S.A. With regular training sessions in Europe at German Olympic team rider Hubertus Schmidt's yard in Paderborn, Parra continues to fine tune his skills in classical dressage and he keeps a door open to the European scene.



However, this is not where the chain stops. A new connection has been added to the string by offering American junior rider Noel Williams the ride on Pik L. By providing such experienced show horses to junior riders, Horses Unlimited and Cesar Parra have given a talented junior the opportunity to learn from a real schoolmaster. Trained by Dr. Parra at his farm in Whitehouse Station, NJ, Noel Williams receives daily attention and lessons on grooming, training and showing dressage horses at Piaffe Performance Farm. Supported by her parents George and Roberta Williams, Noel won the 2005 American Junior Riders Championships at Devon.


Horses Unlimited and Piaffe Performance's chain of success is an example on how America needs to secure its future on the international dressage scene. By breeding and buying top quality horses, having them trained with professionals in the States and Europe, by competing the horses at top level and by preparing young talented riders to take over the ride when the opportunity is there, can American dressage take flight internationally.

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