Horse Shows by the Bay Hosts Five Hunter Classics

Traverse City, MI - Today, Horse Shows by the Bay II hosted five hunter classics. In the $5,000 Adult Hunter Classic, sponsored by Lisa A. H. Cudahy of Mequon, WI, first place was awarded to Zanselle and Collette Dudek. The pair received a first round score of 85 and a second round score of 83, giving them a total of 168 points.

"Zanselle is a horse Rush Weeden bought for me. We broke his First Year this year and I have been showing him in the Adult's and bringing him along. The course rode great, the footing was great; this is one of my favorite horse shows," said Dudek.

In the $5,000 Children's Hunter Classic, sponsored by Sunny FM, the blue ribbon went to Trousseau and Sydney Reed. In their first round, they scored an 86 and in their second round they earned a score of 80, giving them a total of 166 points.

"He is a really sweet horse. He was really good, I haven't shown him in a while, but he went really well this week," said Reed.

In the $5,000 Junior Hunter Classic, sponsored by PJP Farm and Peter Pletcher of Magnolia, Texas, the blue ribbon was awarded to Safari and Caitlin Ziegler. The pair scored an 84 in their first round and a 90 in their second round, giving them a total of 174 points.

In the $5,000 Amateur/Owner Hunter Classic, sponsored by Team Elmers, first place went to Sunshine and Sheila Motley. They scored a 90 in both rounds, giving them a total of 180 points.

In the $2,500 Pony Hunter Classic, sponsored by Equisport Insurance and Don and Beth Graves of Bloomfield Hills, MI, the blue ribbon was awarded to Woodland's Talulah and Meredith Darst.

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The NAL offers a year-long Series in six divisions. The Children's Hunter, Adult Hunter presented by Cavalor, Children's Jumper, Adult Jumper, Pony Jumper, and Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper. The Series includes classes held at hundreds of horse shows across the United States and Canada.  Finals for all divisions are held at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in Harrisburg, PA, in October.  Riders need not be members of the NAL to compete in the qualifying classes, but only members earn points toward the year-end finals. With the annual membership fee only $35, most riders join in hopes of earning points that may qualify them for a trip to Harrisburg.  For more information regarding the NAL series, including series specifications, current standings and a list of upcoming events, please call (717) 867-5643, email to or visit