Home Sweet Kentucky Home

After five long weeks of being on the road, we have returned to our new Kentucky homestead, to catch up, kick back, and get ready for a busy new year. We have been here just one year, and our pastures are rich and lush after just one season of TLC. Construction on our country cottage built inside the steel building (which was on the property when we purchased it) is almost done. Our furnishings, divided between here and Florida are a bit sparse, and I am still working on the dining room table, but we are still happily settled in for the rest of 2006.

It hasn't been all R&R. I have had my nose to the grindstone, catching up on all the HorseMarket submissions which have come in over the last few weeks. Our rural property in south central Kentucky has high speed fiber optic internet, part of a government program to create a technical corridor in a region where tobacco was once the cash crop. I am on instant messenger daily with Tracey in our Florida office, who is managing the last of the uploads to phelpsphotos.com of all our horse show autumn requests. JJ flew to LA and drove Tami Hoag's rig cross country to Wellington, in record time, so he could get home, on his 4 wheeler and out in the woods.

Part of the work routine is to breathe fresh air, and do the vigorous hike across our pastures, through the woods, to the creek, and back up again. That is when some of my best inspiration and ideas come to my cluttered brain. Our fourteen year old corgi Gizmo (in her 90’s in dog years) is not up to the task, but Trooper makes me feel guilty if I sit at the computer too long. We are rewarded each day with some of the views we share with you in our newest slide show.

Slide Show - The 1st Anniversary of our Kentucky Land Purchase