Holiday Shopping at Healthy Horse Boutique - A Health Food Store for Horses and the People Who Love Them

Nowadays, we all want a healthy lifestyle not only for ourselves but also for our horses. We know what we put in and on them will improve their overall well-being. It was because of this that Marian Nilsen started her Healthy Horse Boutique, a one stop shop for healthy products for horses and the people who love them. Why, because when she searched for “healthy” products for her horse, she discovered how difficult and time consuming that can be.

“I found myself going to several different websites, stores, and catalogues just to get my basic feed, supplements, treats and grooming supplies,” explained Marian. “I love horses and want everyone to be able to offer their horses the finest products in an easy, convenient way. At HHB we offer feed, supplements, cookies and grooming supplies that are organic, GMO free with no sugars, fillers or chemicals.

Marian believes that nothing is more beautiful than a horse glowing from the inside out. And the foundation of this is good nutrition. HHB carries feed and supplements designed to restore and maintain horses to optimal health.
The more you learn about nutrition the more you realize almost everything going on with your horse boils down to the nutrition he or she is or is not receiving.

“Analyzing the proper nutrition can quickly become very scientific and requires a lot of ‘right brain’ thinking,” commented Marian. “I love this part of my business. It is very rewarding to see the results obtained through implementing diets without all the ‘bad’ stuff,” such as sugars, fillers, hormones, chemicals, or even over-processed or synthetic ingredients.

While Marian enjoys researching for just the right mix of ingredients to put in her products, she also has been expanding her company in new and different ways, adding some unexpected things to her store.

“Recently I have had a lot of fun adding some ‘left brain’ activity. I have been on the road with a ‘Trunk Show Tour.’ By doing this I get valuable in person feedback on new products, which then allows me to confidently bring customer approved items to my store and on my web site. Some of these products include HHB's own Lotions & Potions and products by Ecolicious and Emerald Valley.

HHB’s Lotions & Potions is a new line which includes Horsey Lip Balm and Body Butter. Horsey Lip Balm is designed to protect your horse’s sensitive mouths and lips without the use of harsh chemicals like petroleum. Flower essences are added to keep your equine partner confident & focused. 

As riders oftentimes we forget to nurture ourselves as much as our beloved horses. Body Butter is an exotic blend of butters and essential oils that nourish the skin, relax the mind and decrease muscle tension. “Our customers are keeping this in their brush boxes and tell me it’s perfect during and after a day of showing,” commented Marian.

EcoLicious products are perfect for cleaning and shining your horse’s coat.  “EcoLicious products smell awesome and deliver the results I demand,” said Marian. “They are 100% free of nasty chemicals, silicones, and parabens; biodegradable and earth friendly; sourced from renewable resources and packaged in 100% recycled bottles.” Glossy, is a tonic for the horse’s coat; the mica in this reflects the light so horses really shine. Moisture Magic nourishes and detangles the mane and tail. Squeaky Green & Clean Shampoo – well, the name says it all.”

HHB products, such as Emerald Valley’s Speedi-Beet®, Fibre Beet, Formula4 Feet®, and ALL their YUMMY Mashes can be ordered from the web site ( and are also included as part of their Trunk Show Tour. Beet Pulp has been around for eons. It's perfect for a low sugar, low starch, and high fiber diet. When soaked it blows up to a very satisfying portion, aids in hydration and releases energy slowly so hard keepers can eat enough to put on weight and easy keepers metabolize beet pulp efficiently so they can lose those extra pounds.

In addition, HHB has simplified supplementing your horse with its Cookies with a Clue. Each cookie is designed to provide horses with important organic vitamins, minerals and key nutrients in a delicious and convenient way. To target those more serious issues HHB hosts nutritional seminars and offers KAM Animal Services products, which are designed to help restore horses to optimal health using feed and supplements that have been carefully formulated and monitored to maintain the highest standards of quality, purity, and effectiveness.

“The idea of a Trunk Show Tour happened when I was given the opportunity to carry some European Equestrian Fashion at up to 70% off manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing for brand name items such as Anky Technical Casuals, Cavallo, HV Pollo, Iris Bayer, Kyra K, Pikeur, and Schockemoehle. Beautiful horses deserve well-dressed riders. It’s not every day that an opportunity like that presents itself and so I took advantage and now so can you,” concluded Marian.

To find out more out Healthy Horse Boutique’s line of products and when and where their upcoming trunk shows will be, go to  Best of all, this holiday season choose something that is truly healthy for all those on your shopping list. And if you’d like to host your own Trunk Show contact Marian at or call her at 970-309-4223. Products can be shipped anywhere in the US.