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Have you been photographed by the PhelpsPhoto® team? Give the gift of happy memories that preserve special moments in time for you and your horse. We have been providing photo services for over 25 years, and have most of our negatives on file!

In 2001 we went completely digital bringing our image processing services out of the photo labs and in-house. We can now remove the trash can and electrical wires in the background, fix stray hairs on an otherwise beautiful braid job, and offer many other products and services as we continue to grow and expand.

PhelpsPhoto® customers this year received by mail index prints from which they can choose and order. We do our best to honor requests as well as cover shows as thoroughly as possible for the riders, our websites, and the media. We keep track, and for those who have responded, we will continue to provide this service as the 2002 season rapidly approaches.

We are a small company and like to share the holidays with family and friends. In order to provide efficient delivery, and give us time to enjoy the holidays as well, we need time to prepare and deliver orders, so please place your orders this week.

2001 PhelpsPhoto schedule
2002 PhelpsPhoto schedule
Previous images on file as well
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