Holger Hetzel’s Sport Horse Sales: The Anniversary Collection Is Online


“The horses in this year's anniversary Sport Horse Sales collection are going to spark some emotional fireworks,“ promised Nations Cup rider Holger Hetzel, which is why everyone has been waiting with baited breath for the young horses that have been selected for this year’s auction to be revealed. On Wednesday 3 December 2014 21 promising young jumping horses will be changing hands at Holger Hetzel‘s 10th Sport Horse Sales, attracting the international equestrian world to his home base in Goch.

21 outstanding horses aged four to eight have made it into this year’s excellent collection. And, as usual, many of the top quality horses also have special competition achievements, championship titles and medals, as well as very interesting pedigrees. Nothing was left to chance in the selection process, so all horses conform to the most stringent of quality criteria and the excellent collection includes show jumpers for all requirements.

“We’re very proud that many of the horses sold at our past nine auctions started out their careers in Goch and have made it up to World Championship level,” said Holger, emphasising their quality. “And the young horses in this year’s collection have the potential to make it right to the top. Discovering young horses and putting them through a realistic training programme is what my team and I are passionate about.“

Now you can put your curiosity about this year’s auction collection aside because videos, photos and information about all the horses have now been posted on www.holger-hetzel.de. Interested customers can call to make a try out appointment before the horses are auctioned off in the brand new arena on 3 December.

For information about the collection, catalogue and ticket orders, visit the website at www.holger-hetzel.de or call +49-2823-18524.