Hogan-Poulsen's "Dressage in Details"

Hogan-Poulsen has become known in the dressage world for her expertise in putting together freestyles and has created a business called "Dressage in Details" that also produces educational audiocassette tapes of dressage tests, called "Dressage Test Tutors". For freestyles, she creates the choreography and selects the music and edits it.

“I put it all digitally into my computer so I can enhance it or speed it up or slow it down or add whistles or bells or whatever people want to do,” she explained. “I've done my own freestyles always and about two years ago people started to ask me to do theirs. I love to do it.”

In other kurs to music competition today Bent Jensen riding Rockefeller won the USDF Freestyle Test of Choice, earning 70.069% at Second Level. Suzanne LaPorte aboard Wittus won the FEI Young Rider Freestyle with 67.292%. Canadian Julia Vysniauskas saddled Syntax for the win in the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle with 69.500%.