Hofnar Found For A Netherlands Reader

Frequently at HorsesDaily we get requests from Europe as to the whereabouts of horses that  were sold and shipped to the states. Due to horses' names changing and a score reporting system that does not report breeding info, it can be difficult to find out how a horse is faring in his new home.

Linda Koops, The Netherlands, writes: "I wonder if you can maybe help us. A friend of mine is very curious to know how her horse she sold to a woman in a little place near Boston is doing.
His name is Hofnar, bay gelding, and he is a Fourth Level / Intermediare horse". So, we just had to go to our photo files to find Hofnar! Pictured here with Pam Goodrich at 1997 Wellington Dressage, Hofnar is owned by Jean Vinios, and will be returning to Florida to compete this winter in the FEI Divisions.