Hoag On Writing and Riding

Tami Hoag

It is almost impossible to meet Tami Hoag and not ask the obvious question, “How does your writing compare to your riding? And while Hoag is successful at pursuits, her two passions and her approach to them varies greatly. Hoag describes her writing process as being something akin to a rollercoaster ride, complete with twists and turns at breakneck speed. “I create these characters and put them in situations and let them go. It’s very seat of the pants,” says Hoag. At the complete opposite end of the spectrum is her approach to dressage, -- “the quest for perfection”. Hoag explains, “I’m very methodical about my riding. I always have a plan going in, whether it’s a test or a lesson or schooling. I never have a plan when I’m writing. I let the story spin itself off in whatever direction it needs to go”, Hoag explained.

With writing and riding, there is little doubt that Tami Hoag has a very active schedule, but she also tells us that her riding helps keep her fresh for her writing. “When I’m riding I have to let go of everything else, and clear and calm my mind. It allows me to get away from the work and come back to it refreshed,” Hoag explains. So while for Hoag, her writing and riding are very different, they compliment each other.

The Goals