HITS Reminds Culpeper Exhibitors of 2015 Equine Health Entry Requirements

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The Culpeper Series is just around the corner, and HITS, Inc. would like to remind all competitors of the Equine Health Requirements for this year’s show. Biosecurity measures put into place to ensure horse health are designed to decrease the risk of contagious or infectious diseases. Should you have any questions about these biosecurity measures, please feel free to contact the HITS office at 845-246-8833 or email Info@HitsShows.com.

Upon entry to Commonwealth Park, all horses must have and provide certification for:

Negative Coggins - Veterinary documentation dated within twelve months (365 days) of the ending date of each show. This includes horses that originate from the state where the event is being held.  

Event Participation Declaration - Signed by the owner/agent/trainer verifying that the horse has been healthy with no sign of infectious disease and has not had a fever above 102°F within 72 hours (three days) of arrival at the show.

Proof of Vaccination - Via a signed statement from the attending veterinarian that the horse has been vaccinated against the following:

1. Equine Influenza – within 6 months (180 days)
2. EHV 1 and EHV 4 – within 3 months (90 days)

Click here to view the full Health Requirements and Participation Declaration.

These heath documents are required for all horses entering the Show Grounds both showing and non-showing. Copies must be filed in the Show Office before any competition numbers will be issued. The results on all required papers should indicate the horse’s registered (show) name.

For more details please, see the show Rules and Regulations located in the Culpeper Prize List.

HITS wishes all exhibitors a safe and healthy show season!

Commonwealth National      April 15-19
Showday National               July 1-5
Cavalier Classic                   July 8-12
Winston National                 August 12-16
Constitution Classic             August 19-23
Culpeper Finals                   September 23-27