The History and Charm of Devon

To quote Peter Doubleday, one of Devon's two Horse Show Managers "We've had two beautiful days here with nine to go and I know I'm going to sleep well each night knowing that everything is going along so well."

Doubleday goes on to share his thoughts on the key to Devon's longevity (this is the 115th anniversary). "There's no other event that I know of, and I live and breathe the horse show world in North America and partially in Europe, that has this history and charm. We try to keep up with the trends of the modern horse show scene while maintaining the traditions: the trophies, the special presenters and the box seats that are handed down from generation to generation.  Here at Devon, we really try to continue those traditions."  

Some upcoming highlights over the next week include: "The beautiful Four-in-Hand's pulling the old antique coaches, to me is very special and very exciting," says Doubleday.  "There are six of them that will compete all together, and they represent the old coaches of early England. They've all been restored and are driven by very proud owners.  Another favorite is the American Saddlebreds, which are very high-spirited and fun to watch, so the crowd can really get into it.  They will be part of our mix for the last four days.  Our main event is the Thursday night showcase which includes the $100,000 Wells Fargo Grand Prix of Devon."

One might think that in the days of Facebook, Twitter, iChat and Skype, tradition and a bit of pomp and circumstance might be lost on the Juniors showing at Devon, not so.  For two days we have had the privilege to interview many of the top teenagers in the country, and without fail, they have each said that what they experience when they step into the ring at Devon is like no other horse show in the world.