Highlife Farms on their American Breeders & Trainers Sporthorse Auction

Joan Sims and her staff also contributed their appreciation and input on their first auction. “First we want to thank everyone that attended our first American Breeders & Trainers Sporthorse Auction. We simply could not have done it with out our sponsors and interested parties that showed up that week to try horses and purchase their next superstar.

We applied the professionalism, superior presentation of horses and quality bloodlines used in Europe to carry our auction to show that American bred horses and breeders can meet the high standard that many have come to know and desire over seas.

We are most proud of the attendance for our first auction. We did a lot of advertising from magazines to flyers to websites. It all paid off by capturing the attention of great horse people. The expressions of the winners were simply priceless. They walked home with a new horse at a reasonable price. Many guests were interested in our young stock from yearlings and 2 year olds. Bidding often exceeded $10K for these youngsters!