Highlife Farms American Breeders & Trainers Sporthorse Auction Responds to a Need

In America, because it is such a huge country, it is a challenge for sport horse breeders to bring their young stock to the forefront in a venue for potential buyers. In Europe auctions are the norm. It is often a social and entertaining event as well as a venue for top trainers, breeders, and owners to purchase quality horses. With ample time to view and ride the horses entered in the sale, as well as having veterinarians available to do a thorough pre-purchase examination, there are excellent opportunities to purchase quality horses, as well as a dream.

Joan Sims of Highlife Farms, in Orlando Florida built her business in a relatively short amount of time through her trips to Germany, particularly to Vechta, where with much research and well guided assistance; she added a strong foundation to her breeding and performance stock. The Sims built a showplace at Highlife Farms, and have for the past few years developed and shared their knowledge and venue with the Sporthorse community in the Southeast.