High Scoring Grand Prix Rides Thrill Judges

Liselotte Fore, Janet Brown, and Lorraine McDonald had the enjoyable privilege of judging quality Grand Prix at the 2002 Cosequin Wellington Dressage Show January 31 - February 3. "The Grand Prix Special began with a 70.267% ride right off the bat" exclaimed Fore. "I'm jealous." remarked Canadian Lorraine McDonald, until she was reminded of Canada's success over the American at Dressage at Devon. Janet Brown from Colorado enjoyed the warmth of Florida, and the overall quality featured during the four days of Dressage action. "We have so many top Grand Prix Dressage riders and horses in America now" said Brown."Lookout World Equestrian Games, 'cause here we come!"

Betsy Steiner and Ranier drew crowds to the FEI ring for both of their rides during the show. Ranier was Robert Dover's mount at the Sydney Olympics, and Dover is currently coaching the petite Steiner on the big gray. Steiner was joined by a roster of experienced Grand Prix horse and rider combinations. On Friday, February 1, spectators witnessed four rides in the 70 percentile in the Grand Prix class -- Patrick Burssens, Steiner, Tina Konyot and Linda Alicki placed first through fourth respectively, separated by fractions. Burssens, of Wellington, rode Marfil in place of owner Mary Ann McPhail who was entered to ride, and won the class with a 70.333%. Steiner of New York City and Wellington, was a close second, scoring 70.267% with Jane Forbes Clarke's Ranier. Konyot on Frank Rubin's Abrikos earned a 70.067 for third place. And Alicki of Wellington, riding her Impressario, turned in a 70.00% score for fourth place.

High scores in the FEI ring continued on the following day, Saturday, February 2, when Steiner, Konyot, and Burssens again scored in the 70s, this time in the Grand Prix Special. Steiner and Ranier won with a 73.933%, followed by Konyot and Abrikos with a 71.533, and Burssens and Marfil earned a 70.067%. It was a special day for Steiner -- in addition to the win, it was also her birthday.

Mary Hilton for DressageDaily

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