Help Continues for Disaster Victims in Alabama from the Dressage Community

Dressage rider/trainer Jodie Kelly’s family knows a lot about natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, living in the gulf coast region of Florida. In fact DressageDaily has featured the hurricane plan developed by Jodie and her Mom Laurie. There are also the man made disasters like a major oil spill, which docked Dad Brant Kelly’s three sport fishing boats this year, and slowed Mom Laurie Kelly’s condo rental and sales business. Sticking closer to home this winter season was a change of pace from the usual winter Wellington hiatus. The plan turned out to be great for her business as her local clients were thrilled to have her close by. Recently, when the neighboring state of Alabama needed help, the Kelly family and friends pitched in, joining the effort of groups like the Birmingham Dressage and Combined Training organization. “Brant is used to seeing hurricane devastation as you well know,” Laurie recently wrote to DressageDaily. “He said to see the degree of devastation in person is absolutely beyond your imagination... beyond any image you see on TV.”Brant Kelly and his deckhand took their four horse trailer up to Hackleburg, AL. filled with ice packed coolers, drinks, food, clothes, garbage bags, soap and other supplies. The Destin Charter Boat Association put this first load together and is working on more. What they noted in the midst of all the devastation in their midst was the people, who “were gracious, determined, and working like crazy to bring organization to their little town.”

“They need so much help and will need it for awhile.” Laurie added. “so what you are doing to spread this word is fabulous. They are REAL southerners in Hackleburg and I am sure all the surrounding, hard hit areas; looking for a hand UP not a hand OUT. Thanks mary for getting the word out! Laurie Kelly

Please continue to help this hard hit area through the Birmingham Dressage and Combined Training website,
For more information contact us at
Kelly Vaughan Hanby, President BDCTA
Fran Summerlin Histed, Relief Coordinator, BDCTA

Monetary Donations can be sent to
BDCTA/ Tornado Relief
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Treasurer BDCTA
1222 Woodlands Way, Helena, AL 35080
Please make checks to BDCTA & include “Tornado Relief” in the notes section

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BDCTA/ Tornado Relief
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