Heidelberg Cup Party Night

Friday night at the Heidelberg Cup was a competitor's party that was not to be missed. Hosted by Kathryn Groves and Quiet Oaks Farm, the fully catered party featured an open bar and DJ who kept things rocking into the night. The gourmet buffet included a variety of meats and fresh fruits and vegetables, with the chocolate-dipped strawberries and rum sauce a particular favorite.

The DJ played everything from The Electric Slide and some country line dancing to the Grease soundtrack. A number of the judges got things going, while show manager Klaus Fraessdorf impressed everyone with his dancing skills, and probably learned a few new steps from the young ladies. Jules Nyssen was also in demand as a dance partner, and took a few turns around the dance-floor with Heidelberg Cup winner Karen Lipp. Klaus also got a lot of smiles with his special awards, including one for his wife Maria, who is show secretary.

Everyone lucky enough to attend the party was impressed and grateful to the hosts, and many says it is the best competitor's party they're been to.

Text by Amber Heintzberger for Dressagedaily.com