Heavy Weights' Title Match Has Started in Aachen. Rusty Wins Round One

For the first time the two leading heavy weight Grand Prix dressage horses in the world, Germany's Rusty and Holland's Salinero, have come face to face in the show ring. It was a title match everybody has been looking forward to, a battle of classical dressage versus "modern" (?!) dressage.

Rusty versus Salinero has taken place before, for instance at the 2002 CDI in Dusseldorf, but they were no equals back then. Now, on the hand, Salinero has matured into a complete Grand Prix horse and, for the first time, these two dressage giants are dueling each other in the show ring, in the same league.

In round one, the CDIO Grand Prix class at the most prestigious dressage show of the year in Aachen, Ulla Salzgeber and Rusty were dominating. With a score of 75.833%, Salzgeber led the leader board, but the difference with her biggest rival Anky van Grunsven and Gestion Salinero was very close. The Dutch pair placed second with 75.417%.

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