Healthy Horse Boutique Lotions and Potions - Body Butter and LipBalm Find Many New Uses

Healthy Horse Boutique, a one stop shop for healthy products for horses and the people who love them, has two new lotions and potions its customers are raving about: Horsey Lip Balm and Body Butter. Horsey Lip Balm is designed to protect your horse’s sensitive mouths and lips without the use of harsh chemicals like petroleum. Flower essences are added to keep your equine partner confident and focused. As riders oftentimes we forget to nurture ourselves as much as our beloved horses. Body Butter is an exotic blend of butters and essential oils that nourish the skin, relax the mind and decrease muscle tension.

“Our customers are keeping this in their brush boxes and tell me it’s perfect during and after a day of showing,” commented Marian Nilsen, owner of Healthy Horse Boutique.

While HHB created these products for horses, their clients have discovered new and different ways to use them.

“After using HHB’s Lotions and Potions there is a growing current of excitement at my barn. The Body Butter keeps amazing us. I started putting it on an open sore on my dog's paw and on a couple of small wart like bumps from licking. For years the vet has had me try a number of products, but nothing worked. Within the first day there was a difference in the open sore, after two weeks the smallest bump is gone! And it takes the smallest amount of cream.

“Yesterday one of the boarders found one of those hard bumps under her horse’s saddle. We dabbed a little cream on and today they were the same diameter, but not as raised! Of course, the little miracles we have found on our own cracked heals and hands aren't as important to us as what it does for our animals, but we really think it is the bomb! In fact we want to recommend you change the name to BODY BOMB!” - Sally Williams, MI

Both the Lip Balm and the Body Butter can be purchased by going to the web site: and clicking on the Lotions and Potions link on the left. Each one costs less than $10 for one jar. So, it’s an inexpensive way to discover all the wonderful uses for this product.  

To find out more about Healthy Horse Boutique or to keep up with all the new arrivals, contact owner Marian Nilsen at, call her at 970-309-4223 or visit the web site: and facebook pages: All HHB’s products are organic, GMO free with no sugars, fillers or chemicals. Products can be shipped anywhere in the US.