Healthy Horse Boutique - A Health Food Store for Horses

Are you the type of person who reads labels, tries to eat food that benefits your body without the additives, preservatives, hormones, synthetics and sugars your body doesn’t need. Have you been looking for the same for your horse? It was this discovery and more that inspired Marian Nilsen, Carbondale, CO, to create her company, Healthy Horse Boutique. “I know how important keeping our horses as comfortable and healthy as possible is to all of us. I also realize trying to educate ourselves and research products that will deliver what we are looking for is time consuming. HHB wants you to spend more time doing what you love with your equine partners and less time researching and worrying about how to benefit our horses.  We carry products we think picky horses and their owners will appreciate,” explained Nilsen.

Oftentimes we cannot deliver a “natural” diet to our equine partner (80% fiber a.k.a hay 20% “other”). We feed meals of highly concentrated grains containing more fillers and sugars than actual “natural” ingredients. If you take a bag of processed complete feed and eliminate all the “stuff” our horse doesn’t need you really aren’t left with much. Consider the fact that many feeds recommend feeding over 10 pounds to reach a daily requirement! Makes you wonder what’s actually in those 10 pounds, doesn’t it?

This fact bothered Marian, so Healthy Horse Boutique is committed to finding solutions for horse owners “We choose products that have NO fillers, sugars or chemicals. They need to be safe and effective. They need to be organic and GMO free. Supplements need to follow good manufacturing practices and be standardized for optimal potency. Treats need to be healthy and offer some benefit to horses,” she added.

One of HHB’s main products is called “Cookies with a Clue.” These are nutrient specific treats that are fun and convenient to feed. They offer a way to support your horse’s nutritional needs by combining essential ingredients into an easy to feed cookie. Unlike many equine health products, “Cookies with a Clue” are completely legal in the show ring. There are five in all and each has its own purpose.

All five cookies start with a base that is safe for metabolic horses and provides the necessary combination of ingredients to ensure that the nutrients are actually being absorbed. Two of the cookies offer daily multi vitamins. The first, Booster Bites also adds human grade joint, ligament and bone support. Chubbies has nutrients to help those “easy keepers.” Belly Bites is designed specifically for horses that need digestive support. When your horse needs relief, Cookies with a Clue offers two options. Owchies reduce pain and inflammation associated with injury, chronic pain and muscle recovery. Stress Busters calm horses and give them the ability to focus.

Since education is an important part of understanding proper equine nutrition, HHB organizes seminars throughout the United States. The goal of these seminars is to provide information so a horse owner, trainer or caregiver can learn how to make informed decisions about their horse’s diet that will get the results they are looking for. HHB works closely with other equine nutritionists and vets to provide clients with the support needed when it comes to their horse’s nutritional needs.

Healthy Horse Boutique has two great specials that happen every week. Website Wednesday check HHB web site ( on Wednesday for specials to bring your horses into optimal health. For Facebook Friday ( ask Marian how HHB can help with an issue your horse is having and receive advice along with a coupon. HHB is new but growing and their team of experts are ready to answer your nutrition questions. Feel free to email Marian at